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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy St. Patrick's Day, 2011!

I know that I've been in reruns lately, but St. Patrick's Day is a Turbo tradition. I've discussed this fine holiday in previous years, and this year is no exception.

I have mentioned in previous years that my Human grew up in this stupid town called Rolla, MO. They don't have a lot to be proud about there. But they have this university there that used to be called the Missouri School of Mines. Then they started calling it University of Missouri at Rolla. But now they call it MST, which doesn't stand for Mighty Siberian Turbo. It stands for Missouri [University of] Science [and] Technology. (The "University of" and the "and" are silent.)

So that school teaches humans about science and technology, apparently. I guess engineering is something like science and technology because they are famous for teaching people engineering. This St. Patrick guy is supposed to be the patron saint of engineering. My Human (who is not an engineer) said she was told that it has something to do with St. Pat driving the snakes out of Ireland. Snakes look something like worms. Engineers made worm-drives, so...

Anyway, human logic is weird.

Back to that stupid town of Rolla. Every year the M[Uo]S[a]T has a big party to celebrate St. Patrick's day. Part of the celebration involves humans buying St Pat's sweatshirts. Each year they come out with new ones. There are many engineer humans who have shirts from many, many years. Here is the design of this year's shirt:

They also have other celebrations.For example, the St Pat's Board paints the main street (called Pine Street) with lots of stinky stuff (called Alice) that has turned green. If you want to read what I wrote in 2009 about Alice, click here. Or if you doubt my spin, read this link. Here's more about the painting of Pine Street for you scholars.

Although, I did not make it down to Rolla during my campaign for the US House of Representatives, I have a feeling that the citizens and visitors to Rolla would have been very receptive to the message of this dog running for office. I declared myself elected, anyway, so it's all okay.

Friday, March 04, 2011

Turbo Birthday 2011 Edition

Once again it's time for my birthday. As tradition dictates, here is the official picture of my mask progression:

And here is the non-official birthday portrait:

Now, cheese & bacon for all!