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Sunday, August 23, 2009



So it's the time of the year that huskies shed. Of course, this particular "time of the year" lasts right around the equivalent of 1 human year. I don't now about you, but my Human is obsessed with stealing my fluff. She'd just reach right over and pluck a hunk of it off. Then she'll bring out the gigantic, industrial strength carpet rake and scrape it off the carpet. Or, worse yet, she'll bring out the stupid new yellow Dyson to have it eat our fluff. Yesterday when my Human was stealing my fluff, I'd get very gruff with her and grab a mouthful of MY fluff. I ran off with it.

The whole thing is wrong. Very wrong. Why do the humans always feel the need to take our fluff and very often just dispose of it. Typically, my Human tosses our fluff over the fence so that birds can use it. What do birds need with our fluff? They have feathers, for barking out loud!

Friday, August 14, 2009

The Philadelphia Stupids


Here's my thoughts on the Philadelphia Eagles hiring Michael Vick to play on their team: I don't care if a convicted felon who is still "on paper" has been hired. I don't care that he's playing football for a lot of money. If the Philadelphia Eagles want to be stupid, that's their decision. It seems to me that it will bring them bad publicity. But humans seem to think that all publicity is good...even bad publicity. If the Philadelphia Eagles get embarrassed, that's good. If they lose a lot of fans, that's good. If they lose a lot of money, that's good.

My Human is a Human Resources Coordinator. What that means is that, in part, she gets to hire people. She works for the world's largest facilities' services company. She gets a lot of applicants for janitorial positions. She wouldn't hire convicted felons who are still on parole to clean her customers' buildings. Obviously janitors are more important than NFL football players.


Saturday, August 01, 2009

R.I.P, C$


We are all very sad that Charlie has left for the rainbow bridge. He was always one of my very best friends and a big part of the reason that I've blogged.

We are all wooing sadly for C$, Opy, Greg, & Brooke