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Saturday, March 31, 2007

My Human Is Back


My stupid Human is finally back from her stupid training for her stupid new job. I apologize for my not blogging lately. But you all know what it's like having stupid, selfish humans!

My Human said that the building she was training in had lots of offices with glass walls. She saw one dog there...a mini dachshund. My Human said that it would be funny to have all six of us there, running around and leaving nose prints on the glass walls!

My Human likes her new job a lot (so far). But she also has said that the only perfect job is the one you don't have.

I know all of you have been suffering from a lack of Tubey pictures, so today I'm showing you a few from my puppy days.

Sunday, March 25, 2007



Yesterday that stupid Lex was all sorts of upset! Well, actually we all were pretty much worked up. Except for me. But I had to keep yelling at Lex that he was stupid, so I ended up having to spend quite a bit of time in my box. We all stepped on my Human's bare feet a few times, and Meeps almost tripped her during meal serving time.

Anyway, Lex tried to be very close to my Human. (Notice the spot on his tongue. That's the Akita in him's influence.)

Meepie and Roo Roo were also sticking close to my Human.

Fargo stuck close, too. But my Human didn't get any pictures. Niki was asleep or something during crazy making time.

I don't want to to feel lacking, so here's a picture of my snoozing on the couch.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Where's Tubey?


Sorry all my faithful readers. My Human has been obsorbed by her new job, although she is working less hours. My Human also has a weird rash on her. She's allergic to Spring. I'm staying by her side because she needs the support of the Tube Wolf.

Also, I heard about something called Turbo Tax. I'm investigating that because I think someone owes me money!

My picture today is of classic Tubey under cover.

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Saturday Was Also National Corn Dog Day!

Once again we missed out on the National Corn Dog Day festivities. But I think it's the sort of holiday you can celebrate day after day.

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Happy St Patrick's Day

My Human grew up in a small town in south central Missouri called Rolla. Not much goes on in Rolla, but they have a branch of the U of MO system there. It's still currently known as UMR (or University of Missouri-Rolla). They want to change their name to something along the lines of Missouri Tech. My Human likes to say that Rolla is a good place to be from!

Anyway, where I'm leading to with this is that St Patrick's day has always been a very important holiday in my Human's life. They celebrate it in a big way in Rolla. You see, back in 1904 some students at the main Missouri University branch (the one my Human went to a bunch of years later) decided that they needed to have an extra holiday to celebrate. Four years later the holiday became a big deal in Rolla. There is some convoluted reason as to why, but it boils down to St Patrick being the patron saint of engineering. UMR is a big engineering school.

My Human told me that they paint the main street (actually Pine Street) with a substance called "Alice," which is green the day of the St Pat's parade. She told me that Alice is basically stuff like puke, poop, and pee. Dogs, can you imagine how incredible that must smell?!

When my Human was in high school (with a Bulldog for a mascot), she was in marching band. But they never marched in the St Pat's parade 'cause the powers that be didn't want the band to march down a street filled with drunk engineering students.

My Human got her degree in English, but her advice to all the kids out there is to get a degree in engineering 'cause they can do just about anything with their degree. (Including painting streets with poop!)

This year is the 99th celebration of St Pat's in Rolla. Below is the logo on their sweatshirt this year. Every year humans can buy a St Pat's sweatshirt. My Human is feeling old because she still has the 75th anniversary shirt she got during her high school years.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Working Group

My Human is once again a member of the Working Group. Thanks to all of your positive thoughts she is once again employed. She got the job that she was hoping for. More money for dog food and less hours away from us. It's a perfect situation.

We will miss being able to run around in the big field and dig as much as we want to. But I'm sure my Human will let us run around and dig when she's home from work.

Also this job will not require her to work weekends and she won't be on call either. My Human is one happy human today!

I've noticed the past few days that the stupid Internet Explorer won't let us get into Blogger or see our personalized Google page. So, We're using Firefox. It's better anyway.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Lex is Scared of Spring


So, that stupid Lex is scared of Spring. I don't know what it is about it that scares him, but he'll try to hide from Spring. Of course I yell at him and tell him that he is stupid, but that doesn't help him. And it ends up causing me into my box.

Today's picture was taken when I was in my box. Meepie and Roo Roo tried to get Lex to play to take his mind off of Spring, but he just lies there doing nothing.

Monday, March 12, 2007

Star of the Show


I was so proud of my niece, Selena, at the dog show on Sunday. When the younger human took her into the ring Selena decided that it was the perfect time to take control. The judge was wanting to look at her teeth and Selena saw the perfect opening to go for a run. She slipped out of her collar and ran around the ring a few times. She was able to elude the humans who were trying to capture her for a few moments. Then Selena lulled them into a false sense of security and let them grab her. But when the younger human was trying to put the collar back on her my niece went for another spin around the ring without her. Everyone loved Selena's behavior and cheered as she ran. Selena tried to persuade the other huskies in the ring to join her, but they were scared they'd get in trouble. The humans eventually captured her, but it took the judge and the younger human a few minutes before they weren't laughing so that the show could continue.

Unfortunately my Human was laughing too hard to get a picture.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Friends, 2


My Human went back to the dog show today. I will report tomorrow about the excellent job my niece, Selena, did in the ring. She stole the show! Also, Preston did an excellent job in the Rally he was in. He didn't sit, lie down, or stay at any point his human told him to. It doesn't get much better than that! (Except, of course, for my niece's performance!) Both Preston and Selena did the breed proud!

Okay, so on with the photos...Here's my friend Stella again:

And this is the famous Preston!

This is Penny. She did a good job in the ring on Saturday, but she could have learned a thing or two from my niece!

And finally (for today), this is the little guy, Joaquin. He's quite a little pirate!

Saturday, March 10, 2007



My Human went to the AKC dog show today. She took some pictures that I wanted to share with you.

Here's my niece, Selena:

And here is the wonderful Stella:

And Wiz!

I'll probably have more pictures tomorrow.

Husky Logo #50

Huskies often get in trouble for chewing on something that the humans covet. My pal Roo Roo, for example is a champion cloth shredder. Well, in my search for husky logos I found a product that some humans chew on and spit out. I think this is more proof of human stupidity. But it does have a cool looking husky on the containers. Maybe my Human will decided to pick of this habit. I've heard her complain that she wished she was a smoker or a heavy drinker so that she could give those things up and save some money.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Human Update


My Human is in the process of finding a new job. I just don't understand humans and their stupid jobs! My Human decided last weekend to thoroughly clean the house, getting rid of our smells and fluffs. She seemed to think that she needed to do this to put herself in the right frame of mind for her job search. My Human has posted her resume on the various well known internet job
websites. She's gotten contacts from a couple well-known national financial service companies that are located in our town. Now, there is nothing in my Human's background indicating any experience in this realm. (And she's not even all that good with her own money.) She figures that this is some sort of scam or something. If she doesn't get a job by this Monday, she intends on going to the interview. My Human thinks that it's a good idea to go to lots of interviews just for experience sake.

Of course my Human has made the ludicrous comment that we should get jobs 'cause we're members of the "working group!" She's not funny. Not at all!

I've posted these 2 photos of me and Roo Roo to show you how the stress of the job hunt is affecting my Human's photography!

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Tubey Parts


Some other dogs have been posting pictures of their parts. I don't want to be left out of the fun, so here we go!

Tubey Rear, Tubey Middle, & Tubey Front:

Tubey Right Eye & Tubey Left Eye:

Tubey Nose:

Tubey Ear:

Tubey Back Spot:

Tubey Rear Paw:

Tubey Front Paw:

Tubey Butt:

Tubey Tail:

Tubey Smile:

Saturday, March 03, 2007

It's Turbo Birthday Day!!!


I'm interupting my Saturday ritual of featuring husky logos 'cause it's my BIRTHDAY!!! It's my 4th Birthday!!! Woooo!!!!! I don't know what's going to happen for my birthday extravaganza. My Human's friend Large Oh said that she'd come over from Louisville to take me out to a duck dinner if she comes into a large sum of money. She better get working on that.


So, I hope all my doggie friends (and other friends) are going to celebrate this day in an appropriate manner. You're all invited to come over, but you'll have to bring your own snow, as the snow thief has taken ours.

Friday, March 02, 2007

Tenth Commandment


And finally...

Thanks again to Frankie V's human for these.

Thursday, March 01, 2007