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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Meep Is In Another Room

Dr. Misha Meepenstein. 1999 - May 17, 2012

When I came home for the first time as a extremely cute puppy in 2003, I met the Meep for the first time. He let me know that he was the boss of the pack. I thought to myself "for now." A couple months later, I ran around the room getting in each dog's face, yelling at each dog. Meep was the last one I got to. As soon as I yelled at him, he knocked me over. I quickly scooted to the other side of the room and looked in that mad dog's direction. I stomped my foot at him and yelled, "Oh yeah?!"

Another couple of months later I was losing my puppy teeth. I had one tooth that stubbornly refused to come out. It was wiggly, but wanted to stay in there. My Human was concerned but decided to wait for nature to run its course. Nature came in the form of Dr. Meepenstein who pinned me down and worked on the tooth until it fell out.

I didn't always get along with Meepie because he was the boss and I wanted to be the boss. But over the past few months I knew that he wasn't as strong as he had been. So I (more or less) was gentler with him. And I even sometimes snuggled near him.

Meepie often would go off to be by himself in another room. In fact I heard a story that before I moved in my pack was living in a room with a basement. Meeps went downstairs to be by himself. My Human noticed the door was shut, so she opened it. The Meep ran upstairs quickly to reshut the door for the privacy he wanted. So, I prefer to think of Meeps as being in another room and eventually all of us will barge in and find him there.