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Sunday, April 30, 2006

Northeastern Husky Revisited

King crowned big dog on campus - Campus Life

I found this article while playing online. Each thing that I read makes me love Northeastern University more and more. I especially love this quote:

"Having both Paws and King as mascots is great. One can dance around to excite the crowds, while the other attracts attention and develops excitement by representing a real Husky and being [petted] by people," Hackmeister said.

If only my Human had had the foresight to go to NU rather than that stupid Mizzou with their stupid cat mascot.

Saturday, April 29, 2006

Husky Logo #6


When Huskies Fly!!!!" I like the idea of an airplane company having a husky in their logo. But I never actually flew anywhere. I've leapt over the couch, but that wasn't much of a flight.

I'm going to try to persuade my Human to buy one of these Husky planes. That way we can fly around the world visiting my blog readers.

Friday, April 28, 2006

Potato Chip Syndrome

The humans like to talk about "potato chip syndrome" when discussing Siberian huskies. They like to say that "you can't have just one" when it comes to either huskies or potato chips.

For the record, I don't like potato chips. Now, Cheez-Its® are a different matter. My Human likes potato chips, but I think she likes Sibes better. At least she's never tried to put French Onion Dip on us!

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Snowballs to the West of Me

Drill SGT Zim, a friend of ours from Manhattan, Kansas, reported to us that he was helping his mom in the garden and she pointed out a SNOWBALL bush to him! They are actually growing snowballs in Kansas! He promised to send some to me.

He lives with the Army of Four, which is comprised of Supreme Commander Stormy and the unranked Amber and Dave. Each one of them, separately and grouply, are very cool Sibes!

Zim gives me hope that I may still see snow.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Congratulations to Raisa!!!

Raisa is the 1,000th visitor to my Blog!!!!

You special prize is that you can come over to our house and I'll share my treats with you.

Sad Tubey

You will see above a picture of a sad Tubey. Why am I sad? My stupid Human told me that I couldn't yell at that stupid Lex anymore. I tried telling her that I'm the Tube Wolf, and that's what I do. But she said that she didn't care. She told me that I had to stop aggravating Lex. I overheard her telling some stupid human friend of hers that she was trying to act less like me--my Human is actually going to try to be nicer to people.

So, I guess I'll try to be nicer, but it's not going to be easy. Isn't it supposed to be all about me, Me, ME?

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Fargo the Comedian

Fargo is the comedian amongst all of us. Whenever we're feeling down, we can count on Fargo to tell us some joke or do an imitation. You should hear his political routine! One of my favorite thinks is when he does his dead on imitation of my Human.

He wanted to tell you a little about himself so hhheeerrreeesss FFFaaarrrgggooo!!!

Aaaarrrrrooooo!!!!!!! Fargo, here! My human has said (in my presence, no less) that I am her best behaved dog in public, but a crazy dog at home. Yeah? So what! Isn't that the way it's supposed to be? In public I am Mr. Calm, Cool, & Collected. I am very obedient. But at home, I need to be the center of attention. If I'm ignored, I'll yell "Ha!" in that person/dog's ear. Or maybe I'll grab a hind leg or a hand. Maybe even a butt. WATCH OUT!!!!

I have something that no one else in my house has. I have earned my Canine Good Citizen certificate. My Human and I also tried to get the Therapy Dog International certificate, but they pulled a fast one on me. Some nice woman threw these treats on the floor in front of me as we walked by. I figured, "Hey, free food." So I grabbed one. For some reason my Human didn't get one, too. They disqualified me for that!

I hate being ignored. Once when we were out for a walk, some guy didn't even look at me! Can you believe that? So I just stopped walking and turned and tried to stare him down.

When I was still in school, we canines were in a 5 minute down/stay. It was very boring, so I tried to entice the other dogs into breaking their stay. I remained in a down/stay, but I whisper barked, "Ha!" in their direction.

Monday, April 24, 2006

Hey, Neighbor

On Sunday, my neighbor cows went on a bit of a rampage. They were running all over the pasture mooing and carrying on. The llamas got a bit closer, but not close enough to taste yet. My neighbors also have goats, but one of them has some stupid horns.

In other news, my Human decided that Sunday was nail trimming day. She was tired of us using our claws to get her attention. All in all, it was a very tiring weekend!

Sunday, April 23, 2006

Donald & Skippy Dog

Around 15 years ago, my Human got a box of old family photos from her father's mother's side of the family. Many of the photos were unique. She has a picture of her paternal grandfather standing on his head circa 1900. And a few photos of ther paternal grandmother clowing around with her sister in "western" clothing circa 1900.

Unfortunately, many of the photos were not labeled, so my Human isn't exactly sure who the people were. Once such example is the photo on this blog entry of "Donald & Skippy Dog." This photo was labeled with this title, but my Human doesn't know who Donald or Skippy Dog was. And anyone who may know is probably long departed.

My advice to humans is that they should label all of their photos. Can you imagine how sad some human would be 100 years from now if she found a photo of me and didn't know who I was?

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Husky Logo #5

When my Human lived in Canada (long before she was blessed with knowing any of us) she would occasionally get gas at the Husky station.

I present their logo today with a criticism: Couldn't they have made the husky bigger?

Friday, April 21, 2006

In the Box

I cursed Lex out really good this morning for being stupid and walking across the livingroom floor!

My Human promptly arrested me. I attempted to explain my side of it.

But she didn't listen and promptly threw me into the Box.

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Ha Ha! Success!


[Note: this is not the exact sandwich I ate, but a reasonable facsimile.] I snagged half a pork tenderloin sandwich! My Human stood up to answer the phone, and I grabbed her sandwich. And, because she's leery of husky mouths after the Niki bite incident, she didn't attempt to pry it out of my mouth! Yea, Niki! Yea, me! Yea, master chefs at Hy-Vee!

Boss Meep

Misha Meep is the boss dog. I love irritating him. When Meepie is on the couch next to my Human, I will go over and stare at him and maybe make a little noise. He gets so worked up that he'll yell at me and then get off of the couch. Then I can slip up there and be next to my Human.

Meepie wanted to share a little story with you:

I like going for long walks, although my Human won't let me off leash. I did manage to escape from my harness once before Fargo, Turbo, Aurora, and Niki lived with us.

We drove to Rockbridge State Park, and while the Human was steering I chewed through my leash. After we got there, she hooked me up to Lex using the tether thingie. The Human always double harnesses me because she knows how slippery I am.

Misha loves kissing humans more than the rest of us. That's why one of his nicknames is "Mr. Kissy-Face."We got to the very top of the big rocks and I was able to pull out of the harness and my leash. I pounced and bounced all over the cliffs! Poor Lexie was freaking out 'cause he didn't get to run free like me.

I played the runaway game for awhile! I could tell that my Human was worried I'd fall off of the cliffs, so when she sat down I ran back to her.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Toilet Paper

We were watching TV last night and saw a commercial for Cottonelle toilet paper for young humans. The paper has paw prints on it. The human-pup is supposed to unroll it until they see a retriever pup. That way they train the human-pup to know how far to unroll. They also have butt wipes that are watermelon flavored.

Now, we all enjoy a good toilet paper treat from time to time. Some of us prefer it dry and some prefer it straight out of that weird water bowl the humans use for activities other than drinking (they're strange creatures).

Aurora loves toilet paper the most of all of us. She has trained my Human to give her a square when she raises her paw. The Human calls it a "high five" trick. We call it manipulating the Human for what we want.

When Lex was the only dog living with the Human, he took the roll while the Human was on sitting on the drinking bowl. She chased him all over the house to get it back, not realizing that she had another roll under the sink. Lex got a big laugh over that and says now that he wishes he had a camera then!

Monday, April 17, 2006

A Poem

Note: My Human is recovering from the Niki bite, and she has an infected hand. We decided to post one of her favorite poems. It is by Walt Kelly, who is better known for his Pogo comic strip.

Oh, roar a roar for Nora,
Nora Alice in the night.
For she has seen Aurora
Borealis burning bright.

A furore for our Nora!
And applaud Aurora seen!
Where, throughout the summer, has
Our Borealis been?

Sunday, April 16, 2006


When my Human got home from work on Friday, Niki couldn't stand, sit, or walk. All she could do was lay there. Of course this worried my Human, so she took Niki to the vet on Saturday. This was something of a challenge because even under the best of circumstances, Niki likes to bite. My Human first bought a muzzle and put it around Niki's snout. Then she wrapped her into a towel and got her into the car.

The vet examined Niki and gave them some Rimadyl. He also advised that Niki should have crate rest. (She was in my crate.) About 3 hours after taking the Rimadyl, Niki could sit up again. And 5 hours later, she could walk.

One other mishap happened...my Human was trying to take Niki out for a walk with the assistance of the towel and the muzzle slipped off. Now my Human has a nasty Niki bite on her left hand. She is now wishing that there was a human version of Rimadyl.

Saturday, April 15, 2006

Husky Logo #4

Today we do a play bow in the direction of Naperville North High School. When my Human was getting her degree at Mizzou, she had a neighbor who attended this high school. At that time my Human didn't know that she'd be fortunate later in life to live with Siberian huskies (she was into Scottish terriers then). But she had her neighbor bring her a t-shirt with the NNHS Husky on it.

Please join us in howling a nice woooo in support of all the schools that choose a husky as their mascot.

Friday, April 14, 2006

Night of a Thousand Bugs

Because it was hot last evening, my Human left the doors wide open. This was an invitation for thousands of bugs to come in and fly around my house, land on my carpet, and land on my Human. I didn't get to see all of the bugs up close because my Human stuck me in my crate because I was telling Lex that he was stupid. Aurora said that they didn't taste very good. Most of them were these little dark bugs about the size of a grain of rice. Meepie said that he didn't know for sure what they were, but said they were annoying. My Human tried to vacuum them up.

Ticks are stupid, too. We got some on us and brought them in the house. Our human had to get rid of those, too.

It's going to be hot again today. My Human has NOT put our pool out yet. I think we're all just going to sleep today.

Thursday, April 13, 2006

No Snow!

It never really snowed this year, and now it's 88 stupid degrees outside!!!! Who was the idiot that said that could happen? No one is fessing up to that, so I'm blaming Lex. And tomorrow it's supposed to be 90 stupid degrees!!! I am an angry and vengeful Tubey! I am going to make my Human set the swimming pool up for us. (And by us, I really mean me!!!!!!)

In other news, my Human gave me a new nickname: Redbud. On the right is a photo of me a redbud tree. I ask you, do I look like a stupid tree?

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Hans, the German Shepherd

A long time ago, before my Human decided that Siberian Huskies are a superior group, she had a German Shepherd. None of us ever met him, but apparently he would come when called, would bring back thrown objects, and was reliable off leash on walks.

One day the Human was cleaning up around his food bowl and was trying to pick up a leaf that blew in. Hans quickly picked the leaf up with his mouth and stuck it in my Human's mouth. He was good at housework, too!

My Human thinks that he was a good friend, but you'll notice that she only has huskies now. Makes you think!

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Husky Answers Phone

I found an article about Ulysses the husky who found and answered a cell phone. Way to go to manipulate the humans into giving you treats!

We've answered the phone at home when someone is calling our human. You should have heard the things he said to us!

Monday, April 10, 2006


Our Human spent a few years getting a degree at the a university in the middle of the United States. She occasionally likes to take us to walk around on the campus. You never know who you might run into. The photo on the left was taken with Thomas Jefferson. The one on the right is Fargo with Beetle Bailey. Thomas Jefferson was once the humans' President. Beetle Bailey is a graduate of this university, but he attended there before our Human did.

When my Human was at school, she knew the human who would dress up as the mascot, a big stupid cat. After he graduated, he got to dress up as a big wolf for some team somewhere. A definate improvement.

I may be enrolling in a study that their Vet School is doing on canine epilepsy. I have seizures occasionally and apparently so do some of my brothers and sisters. I'm not in bad shape, but I'd prefer not doing it at all.

Sunday, April 09, 2006

Bun Bun

I'm not sure what I'd do if a rabbit this big hopped into our yard!

Saturday, April 08, 2006

Husky Logo #3

Today we salute Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania. This great school has the foresight to have a red husky as it's mascot.

Fargo and I are going to submit our resumes to be guest lecturers at the Husky Wrestling School that they will be holding this year. We're red, we're huskies, we wrestle. I think we're qualified!

Our only complaint is that their husky logo on the right side of this blog entry is oddly proportioned.

Friday, April 07, 2006

"What Breed Are You?"

We were looking through my Human's e-mail and saw a discussion on that group that likes to discuss their huskies on an internet quiz that humans can take to determine what breed they would be if they were fortunate enough to be a dog.

Their take on Siberian huskies is a bit insulting!

Hey there, lost your marbles? You're a space cadet! You forget people's names easily, forget where you put things, and sitting through an opera - well, forget it. But you're no bonehead - your mind just wanders. Your nature assures you'll never hold grudges and you don't sweat the small stuff. You avoid making enemies by not being one to sniff around someone else's business.

I think we need to come up with a quiz for those of us of the canine persuasion to take to determine what type of human we'd be. (Dog forbid!!!)

Griselda the Gecko

Besides the canines of the house, the Human has one other animal authorized to live in the house. Griselda the Gecko has lived with us for a couple years. She used to live at the former workplace of my Human. But when my Human left that place, Griselda came home to be with us.

At first we were excited because she had a new smell that we weren't used to, but since then we think she's really boring. She doesn't do much. She eats crickets and sells Geico insurance. For some reason, my Human won't let Griselda run around and be our preymate playmate. We have, however, played with the crickets.

(Note to WoofWoof: I don't know what Geckos taste like, either. I can't bite through the glass case she's in.)

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Not So Great Escape

Yesterday the men who delivered the new TV did not shut the gate, so when my Human let us out of the big field 3 of us ran out that gate. And 3 of us didn't notice (me, Aurora, and Niki).

Fargo immediately returned to the house, but Lex and Misha took a tour of the neighbor's yard. And my Human got to go on a bit of a run herself. Meepie told me that he got to yell at some cats! Lex and Meepie let my Human capture them, so they returned. I didn't want to let Lex back in the house, but my Human made me.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Running Around

Today is the first day that my Human has opened to gate to the big field for us to run around in this Spring. And this was the first time that Niki got to run around in it. We all get to run, dig, wrestle, and then track mud into the house.

The llamas came over to stare at us, but I told them off! So they knew that they had better high tail it outa there.

I think my Human is up to something, however. She's been rearranging furniture. Meepie said that he heard her on the phone discussing a delivery of a new television. Again, what's with those humans and their stupid toys? I guess that's just one more thing for us to pee on!

Eat it or pee on it? Isn't that the age old question?

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

2 Stupid Dogs: Should We Sue?

We were watching TV recently and discovered this show that is a definite defamation of character of dogkind! It's called 2 Stupid Dogs. The main characters are 2 canines that are portrayed as idiots! I have never known any dogs that are as idiotic as these 2, not even Lex. The bigger of the 2 dogs is "smarter," but he is also apparently lazier. (Notice that I have the word smarter in quotation marks. He's not all that smart, either.) The smaller dog is hyper and an idiot!

Occasionally there are these cats that pop up in the episode. The smaller dog is terrified of the cats and screams whenever he sees a cat.

This show also has a stupid running gag with the big dog coughing up a corn cob. As all of us dogs know, it's very dangerous to eat a whole corn cob.

Ivy, if you're reading this, BEWARE!! This cartoon also features a segment called "Super Secret Secret Squirrel."

I'll close with a picture of Lex as a pup. No reason.

Monday, April 03, 2006

Sub Woofer

My Human brought a stupid thing to the house that makes noise. She hooked it up to that stupid TV that Humans seem to like so much. The thing my Human brought home makes noise in 6 different places. I was reading the instructions and one of the boxes is called a "Sub Woofer." Is this supposed to be a substitute dog?

Sunday, April 02, 2006


I found this cartoon when I was looking for something else.

Saturday, April 01, 2006

Husky Logo #2

The Northeastern University husky logo is my Human's favorite. A few years ago she bought a hat and shirt on EBay featuring this school's logo.

We read that they have changed their logo to the one below. That's okay. It's still really cool! My only complaint is that it isn't a red husky!

We really liked this quote in the article:
"The first Husky appeared on campus on March 4, 1927, having come to Boston's North Station from Alaska. 'King Husky' was greeted by more than 1,000 students and the University band. Classes had been canceled for the afternoon, and the dog was paraded by police escort for the four miles to campus."
We are now expecting my Human to greet us in this manner each time she returns home.