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Thursday, April 06, 2006

Not So Great Escape

Yesterday the men who delivered the new TV did not shut the gate, so when my Human let us out of the big field 3 of us ran out that gate. And 3 of us didn't notice (me, Aurora, and Niki).

Fargo immediately returned to the house, but Lex and Misha took a tour of the neighbor's yard. And my Human got to go on a bit of a run herself. Meepie told me that he got to yell at some cats! Lex and Meepie let my Human capture them, so they returned. I didn't want to let Lex back in the house, but my Human made me.


Woofwoof said...

I agree, what a dumb husky that Lex is. I would have been half way to Nome.

H.A. Turbofire, Sibertarian said...

Lex whines a lot. When he got home, he started whining, "My feet hurt! Oh my poor aching tail!" I growled at him and said, "Shut up, Lex!"