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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

DWB Design Contest

After a bit of a hiatus, Dogs With Blogs is reopening for business. First of all, all you dogs who have blogs who have not previously joined the DWB community, now is a good time. What is Dogs With Blogs? Well, it's a gathering place of dogs all over the world who have blogs. Without this site, I would not have made lots of good dog friends and I would not have launched my candidacy for the US Presidency and now the US House of Representatives. On the DWB website, you can play games, you can watch dog's video channels, and you can even shop!

My good friends Benson J Puppypaws, Opy, and their humans got a great idea to have a contest. Here is what the Brooke human said on Opy's blog:

We are hoping all our members may be able to help us do this. What we want is any of the following -

* Send us a pic of your dog with what you think represents DWB (could be your dog sitting at a computer, or playing with other dogs, or reading a blog etc etc - use your imagination)

* Design a new DWB banner for us - incorporate your dog, or whatever you thing symbolises DWB.

There are two categories that we need to fill - we need to create a new DWB Banner for the front page, and also a new banner for The Bone Zone. Banner shapes should be organic, not rectangular.

Please note - all entries should be original and not based on any existing 3rd party marketing which may cause us to receive infringement of intellectual property action, again :)

Please send your submissions to -

opyatgruffpuppydotcomdotau (without "the bits")

Submissions open immediately and run through to April 15th - and then Greg and I will make our decision as to who has come up with the best banners.

Come on everyone - please help us get DWB back on track !

Remember - doesn't matter if you aren't a 'graphic genius', send us a photo with an idea - just contribute !

Also, we have "unlocked" the DWB Bone Zone award nominations - so, off we go again - please nominate over at the Bone Zone for Awesome Blog Award, Post of the Month, and Photo of the Month. Let's get this moving !

Thanks everypup.


So, get crackin', dogs! You can download the official DWB font by clicking on the words below:

Monday, March 29, 2010

Vacuuming Visitors

We had some visitors from the Great State of Iowa (what makes it great is that I was born there). The visitors were 2 humans: One of them had gone to high school with my Human. The other was the son of that human. I have to admit that it was a lot of fun having a human to play with who was 13 years old.

When it was time for the Iowa humans to leave, my Human vacuumed our fluff off them. I'm very sorry they had to endure the Dyson!

The adult Iowa human referred to us as a "MultiHusky Entertainment System."

Monday, March 22, 2010



I've noticed that a lot of humans are upset that a bunch of humans in Congress approved some bill having something to do with human health care. Obviously what would make the American unhappy humans happier is if animals got involved with reforming their health care. I have been working on an ad campaign. Here's a preview:

I will need some input from my dog, cat, and goat friends on how they would like to mold human health care. But I have a few ideas.

Improve waiting rooms - I think that the waiting areas for the humans at there doctors' offices should be crates. I know from personal experience that the humans would feel more secure and safe in a crate. This picture I found shows how a crate could be used in a pediatric clinic. It's a bit of a snug fit, but I think you get the general idea:

E-Collars for humans - We all know what fun it is to wear the cones after we have had some sort of medical treatment. This is something that humans will get to wear under my health care initiative.

I am also going to have them tweaked for animals. The "E" in the Collar with now be the same sort of "E" you have in e-mail. That's right, we will now have wireless mail with our collars.

Improved Staffing - My final idea that I came up with today is that humans' medical offices must be staffed with animals as well as humans. This could be quite helpful in multiple ways such as making humans feel calmer as well as Kleenex disposal.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

National Corndog Day 2010


March is a month full of lots of special days. First we had my birthday, then St. Patrick's Day, and now National Corndog Day. I think I said it best 2 years ago when I said:

Corndogs are a valuable part of our economy. Please encourage your humans to purchase as many corndogs as they can. They are tasty. They are on a stick. And they have "dog" in their name. I ask woo, what is not to love?

I want to restate a position I held when I was running for President. When I am elected, I will introduce legislation to have 7 times as many holidays each year.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

St Patrick's Day!


So, once again it is St. Patrick's Day. It seems like it was just last year that we had St. Patrick's Day. But here it is once again.

I have mentioned in previous years that my Human grew up in this stupid town called Rolla, MO. They don't have a lot to be proud about there. But they have this university there that used to be called the Missouri School of Mines. Then they started calling it University of Missouri at Rolla. But now they call it MST, which doesn't stand for Mighty Siberian Turbo. It stands for Missouri [University of] Science [and] Technology. (The "University of" and the "and" are silent.)

So that school teaches humans about science and technology, apparently. I guess engineering is something like science and technology because they are famous for teaching people engineering. This St. Patrick guy is supposed to be the patron saint of engineering. My Human (who is not an engineer) says that it has something to do with St. Pat driving the snakes out of Ireland. Snakes look something like worms. Engineers made worm-drives, so...

Anyway, human logic is weird.

Back to that stupid town of Rolla. Every year the M[Uo]S[a]T has a big party to celebrate St. Patrick's day. Part of the celebration involves humans buying St Pat's sweatshirts. Each year they come out with new ones. There are many engineer humans who have shirts from many, many years. Here is the design of this year's shirt:

They also have other celebrations. If you want to read what I wrote last year about Alice, click here. Or if you doubt my spin, read this link. Here's more about the painting of Pine Street for you scholars.

Unfortunately, I did not make it down to Rolla to campaign for the US House of Representatives. I have a feeling that the citizens and visitors to Rolla may have been very receptive to the message of this dog running for office.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Support Me on Facebook


I have neglected to mention that you can support my campaign on Facebook®.

And here is a picture of me walking down the hallway:

Thursday, March 04, 2010

Turbo Birthday


Ha roo! Today is my birthday/birfday/barkday, etc! I am now 7. I am sorry to disappoint you with no new pictures of me. Unfortunately, my Human has neglected to take a new picture for a few weeks. But fear not, I have attached a picture of Turbo Puppy.

My campaign for the House of Representatives is going well. I heard on the radio today some guy saying that the government shouldn't stick their nose in people's lives. I think that the issue is that humans have pathetic noses. That is why me, a dog will be able to more effectively run the government and humans' lives than any stupid human politician can!