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Sunday, November 18, 2012

Sort Of The Penultimate Week Of This Year's HFL Season

Ha roo, everywoo!

I'll have this week's update after I step out of the internet.
So, we're pretty much at the end of this year's Husky Football League season. There were only 3 games. The Michigan Techs, St. Cloud States, East Los Angeleses, U of Saskatchewans,  & St Mary's have all decided to quit playing this year and do something else.

The Connecticuts felt like taking the week off, so they didn't play.

Northeasterns decided to have an entire season again this year without playing football games.

So that leaves the Northern Illinoises, Bloomsburg Turbo-Colored Huskies, & the Washingtons to be the only packs of Huskies that played. The Northern Illinoises & Washingtons scored more points than some rockets and buffalos. I'm horribly distraught to have to tell you that the Turbo-Colored Huskies of Bloomsburg lost interest in their game and scored only 20 points to the raiders 58. However all playing huskies did still score more points than their opponents: 89 Husky points to 85 non-Husky points.

Tune in next week, or whenever, to have the last regular season report of the Husky Football League.

Sunday, November 04, 2012

The Great Thing About Being A Husky...

...is you don't have to do something it you don't feel like it. Last week I didn't feel like updating the Husky Football League report, so I didn't.

But it's a new week and I feel like doing it now.

You will notice that a lot more huskies won than didn't. This week's score is Huskies 319 points/Non-Huskies 142. Huskies scored more points than minutemen, golden rams, tartars, colts, beavers, golden bears, and mounties. Sadly, they did not score more points than plain rams or bulls. A special mention goes to the Northern Illioises because they scored 63 points against the minutemen's 0 points!

The East Los Angeles Huskies are the most husky-like of the HFL teams. They are always really slow to report their scores because they know how much humans want to see them. Good going, ELAC Huskies. Here's their statue, which I think is fantastic!

In conclusion, here's a picture of me: