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Thursday, July 23, 2009

I Am A Pitbull


[Click on the picture to the left to biggify it so you can read all the banned breeds.]

Today we had an satellite dish installer come to our house who was scared of dogs. My Human was sensitive to this and had all of us dogs segregated so the man would not be scared. He saw a couple of us who peeked at him through the window blinds and asked if we were pitbulls. (There is an excellent website that challenges humans be be able to pick out the true pitbull from a bunch of pictures.)

This got me thinking about all of the stupid breed specific legislation that is out there. Pitbulls are often banned from living in certain communities. And by "living," I mean being alive rather than just residing in a town.

There is a town about 20 miles from our house that has a new stupid anti-pitbull law. The law basically says that no new pitbulls can come into Fayette, but that current ones are okay as long as the dogs' humans have registered them and have a photo ID for the dogs.

If certain so called scary breeds are banned, then it will be easier to ban other breeds that humans are scared of. You have to watch humans. You can't trust them.

I want to propose a new law to ban humans that dogs think are dangerous and stupid. Those humans would not be allowed to live in their communities. Take the word "live" anyway you want to.

Thursday, July 02, 2009

A Reminder


If I had been elected President, I would have banned the following things: Fireworks, thunderstorms, hot weather, mosquitoes, ticks, seizures, stupidity, etc, etc, etc...

Hey! This is a long holiday weekend. My Human is off of work for 3 days. It's not supposed to be really hot, which is good. But there will probably be some thunderstorms and fireworks around. We don't have fireworks at our house, But they are out there. I can hear them. Sadly, we currently have neither cheese nor bacon in our house. Maybe my Human will get some tomorrow.

I forgot to wish my Canadian friends Happy Canada Day. So, here's to you, one day late!

Happy Independence Day to all United Statesers.