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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

DWB Design Contest

After a bit of a hiatus, Dogs With Blogs is reopening for business. First of all, all you dogs who have blogs who have not previously joined the DWB community, now is a good time. What is Dogs With Blogs? Well, it's a gathering place of dogs all over the world who have blogs. Without this site, I would not have made lots of good dog friends and I would not have launched my candidacy for the US Presidency and now the US House of Representatives. On the DWB website, you can play games, you can watch dog's video channels, and you can even shop!

My good friends Benson J Puppypaws, Opy, and their humans got a great idea to have a contest. Here is what the Brooke human said on Opy's blog:

We are hoping all our members may be able to help us do this. What we want is any of the following -

* Send us a pic of your dog with what you think represents DWB (could be your dog sitting at a computer, or playing with other dogs, or reading a blog etc etc - use your imagination)

* Design a new DWB banner for us - incorporate your dog, or whatever you thing symbolises DWB.

There are two categories that we need to fill - we need to create a new DWB Banner for the front page, and also a new banner for The Bone Zone. Banner shapes should be organic, not rectangular.

Please note - all entries should be original and not based on any existing 3rd party marketing which may cause us to receive infringement of intellectual property action, again :)

Please send your submissions to -

opyatgruffpuppydotcomdotau (without "the bits")

Submissions open immediately and run through to April 15th - and then Greg and I will make our decision as to who has come up with the best banners.

Come on everyone - please help us get DWB back on track !

Remember - doesn't matter if you aren't a 'graphic genius', send us a photo with an idea - just contribute !

Also, we have "unlocked" the DWB Bone Zone award nominations - so, off we go again - please nominate over at the Bone Zone for Awesome Blog Award, Post of the Month, and Photo of the Month. Let's get this moving !

Thanks everypup.


So, get crackin', dogs! You can download the official DWB font by clicking on the words below:

1 comment:

PetraZ said...

Dogs with Blogs is my home away from home! I am so happy to hear that the site will be returning. As far as I am concerned it is one of the best places on the WWW. It's a woo-woo-woo world as far as a dog can sniff: DWB rocks!