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Saturday, March 10, 2007

Husky Logo #50

Huskies often get in trouble for chewing on something that the humans covet. My pal Roo Roo, for example is a champion cloth shredder. Well, in my search for husky logos I found a product that some humans chew on and spit out. I think this is more proof of human stupidity. But it does have a cool looking husky on the containers. Maybe my Human will decided to pick of this habit. I've heard her complain that she wished she was a smoker or a heavy drinker so that she could give those things up and save some money.


Tierre Williams said...

Smoking (and chewing tobacco) is not cool! It's STUPID!

Tierre (TY-ree)
(the human)

The Army of Four said...

Well... I'm with Tierre - but the logo is COOL!!!!!!!!!!!!
Play bows,

Anonymous said...

Woo Woo - Logo is very cool... but the habit is not! Thankfully my humans don't puff on that stick thing or put the chew stuff in their mouth.

Stella Louella said...

I agree that this is further proof that human idiots abound. Yeck!
Miss Stella met your human today! I hope Stella was lady-like around her. My old female human took her to both obedience and conformation classes as a puppy and young dog so she would shape up. Imagine a dog of her size being naughty! Not a good thing.
I really like the logo on this crummy human product.

Deanna said...

That's a scary logo!

PetraZ said...

Methinks we should market Husky Tissues with the slogan of "For your Snortin' and Chewin' Needs, Always Chews Husky Tissues"!