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Sunday, April 29, 2007



(Note this picture was taken last summer.) My Human thought the tree in this picture was dead, but it's not. Each year she always thinks the burr oaks are dead, but they never are. They are just slow to grow leaves.

There was a stupid raccoon behind another burr oad tree. It was hiding, but we saw it. My Human came out to see what was holding our interest. It popped it's head out and my Human said "hi" to it. I yelled at the raccoon that it was stupid and it hid again.

My Human is stupid and so is the computer. My Human said she isn't going to fix our modem for a while. She said that she needs to spend the money on her food and utilities and stupid things like that. I don't know what the big deal is. We have our food and our treats. She can just eat them. Everything else is extra and stupid!

So, I apologize for not blogging as much and making as many comments as I'd like.


Khady Lynn said...

My humans are now spending extra for our food because of all the recalls. My human woman is very ticked because our Blue Buffalo canned was recalled. We are not getting Evangers canned because she tired of having to deal with all the grains issues so she is just not buying anything with grains in it. Dry is now Solid Gold Barking at the Moon cuz it doesn't have grains either.

Next she will be taking up baking us our own treats!


Tierre Williams said...

Hey, Turbo. Visit DBOL's new site at http://dbol.wordpress.com. I moved to WordPress after I accidentally cut out my entire Blogger template. It's a long story, but visit my new site, anyway. I'll still be using my Google account to leave a comment on your site.

Deanna said...

Computers are VERY important! Don't they know this? We need more Turbo!

The Army of Four said...

We miss roo, Tubey!!!!!

Marley said...

I hope your human gets less stupid and starts working on fixing her modem again, Tubey! Whenever our modem breaks down, I like to play nip the internet-fixer-guy just to let him know that it's NOT COOL to let the internet stop working!

Maybe you'll get some NEW raccoons this summer!

Hobbeschops said...

Ciao the Turbo,

it is tragedy that the human no so clever. If I is have no money I is get crayones out nd make some or even easier is ading zero's to printed money. Best of the lucks