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Sunday, September 02, 2007

Human Priorities Can Be Stupid!


My Human picked the stupid Dyson up from the Dyson hospital yesterday. It's sucking up the fluff just as good as it used to again!

I found something really stupid on the internet. Why humans would spend $7583.00 on that I don't know! It might be good to eat, however!

Look at this: For that much money humans could buy

690 large Cuzes

1519 stainless steel 2 quart bowls

2962 bags of Beggin' Strips (6 oz size)

7582 pounds of Nutro Natural Choice Lamb & Rice dog food

etc, etc, etc...

I'm bored and there are other things to do!


Steve, Kat, & Wilbur said...

You're right, Turbo, there ARE much better things to buy. I'm not sure which of the things on your list would be my pick. Probably the cuz. Maybe a mix of Cuz and beggin' strips.


Khady Lynn said...

Think of all the dogs that money could help rescue, or help with surgery for!!! What a waste!


Joe Stains said...

690 cuzes. SERIOUSLY I would just die of happiness!!

MaPaw said...

I agree with Holly. There is nothing wrong with being a little frivolous, but that amount of excess is offensively wasteful.

Koda said...

R all those books on that shelf yours? No wonder your so smart. My mom wants to know how long it took you guys to break the Dyson. She has had hers 4 years with no breakage. Used to be we could kill a vac easy in a year.

Mojo, Digger and family said...

690 cuzes? Heaven!!! Mine's a green dino cuz with a spiky tail and I am a complete sucker for it.

And what is the point of car wax? My ear wax is much cheaper.