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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Eighth Commandment


Thanks again to Frankie V's human for these.


Khady Lynn said...

We don't destroy our pillows and blankets cuz we like to lay on them. They are nice an soft and squishy. We do believe in getting them dirty and covered in fur though!

However, shoes, clothes, paper, magazines, or anything else laying around the house is certainly fair game!


Anonymous said...

Hey Turbo... I won't destroy a pillow.. but a comforter is a different story. If I make a hole in it, mom will sew it up. And it is all over at that point. I have to re-open the seam!!!

MaPaw said...

Do not forget cardboard. It is my favorite tasty treat.

Stella Louella said...

Timber the Alaskan Husky ate my beautiful dog bed!!! Really irks me. The old male human didn't think anything about shutting Timber in MY crate, where he promptly shredded my wonderful bed. Pointy-earred heathen!
Miss Stella