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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Full of Himself


Lex is feeling very full of himself because an Akita won the working group last night at Westminster. You see, his mother was an Akita (and his father was a husky). I told him to shut up and that he was stupid. I told him that he didn't have anything to do with that Akita taking the group!

Does anyone know where we can find a list of all of the dogs entered in Westminster?


Althea said...


You can check Westminseter Kennel Club's website but I don't think they have a full listing of all dogs. Just the winners.

My doofus brother is all excited too since the Malamute came in second and Mom & Dad think he is part Mal. He is stoopid. I bet him and Lex would get along really well.


Tierre Williams said...

I bet he's still full of himself this morning. Speaking of Lex, he hasn't updated his blog since last August!

Tierre Williams said...

Last night at the show, I saw a Wire Haired Fox Terrier from your hometown.

MaPaw said...

He would not be so excited if he knew that mixed breed dogs are not allowed. Tell him that if you want to knock him down a notch.

The Army of Four said...

Shouldn't he only be half full of himself since he's only half Akita? Ha roo roo roo!
I think I've been hanging out with Amber too much......
Play bows,

Stella Louella said...

That Akita was pretty cute. Her name, Reason To Believe, is a Bruce Springsteen song, so my human was rooting for her! Humans are stupid. (But I do like Springsteen. My brother Bruce was named after him).
Miss Stella

H.A. Turbofire, Sibertarian said...

I answered my own question about the list of all the Siberian huskies:

List of Siberian Huskies at Westminster

Shmoo said...

Does that make Lex a Huskita?