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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Election Day


Soon the stupid election will be over. I think that humans have elections so often 'cause they haven't figured out how to do it right!

My friend Holly has a good idea. So have your humans write my name or some other dog's name in as a candidate for every office!



Khady Lynn said...

You know I'm there for you Tubey! Mom is going to the polls as soon as she gets off work. We'll see how many votes we can get for you!


p.s. I don't think the people at blogger like me now cuz they messed up my blog page and put my beautiful picture and all my friends links way at the bottom.
:-( and I can't figure out how to fix it!

Khady Lynn said...

Well Tubey, I guess mom wrote you in on all the people who she had no idea who they were. I'm sure the people counting the ballots will wonder who the heck Turbo the Sibe is!! Heehee

Unfortunately, I haven't heard them mention you even once on the picture box yet.

Reporters are Stupid.
Politics are Stupid.

We're glad this is all over. whew.


Fu Fu said...

Yeah, I'll vote for you too Turbo.

~ fufu

H.A. Turbofire, Sibertarian said...

M&M, you got that right!

Holly, tell your mom "thanks." Strangely I didn't see my name in the news in our town, either!

Fufu, thank you. I appreciate it.

Ender said...

you look happy in this picture!

Hana said...

Turbo, my mom sent in her absentee ballot a while ago. But, next time she will write you in as a candidate!