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Tuesday, November 14, 2006



snow wolvesThere's a chance that it might (just might!) snow tomorrow! Yeah. I've heard that before. Many, many times before! And I'm getting tired of the snow not arriving.

Here's some reasons we demand snow:

1) Me, the T-Wolf
2) Fargo
3) Roo Roo
4) Meepie
5) Niki
6) Even Lex
7) We are Northern Breed dogs
8) My Human doesn't have to work this week
9) We now have a 4 Wheel Drive vehicle

I could go on, but I'm my list stopping now.

Last March I brought up the subject of hiring a lawyer to file a snow suit. Now there are a lot more husky bloggers. Anyone want to join me? It can be a class action snow suit!

I refuse to be disappointed, again!

(Credit for the wolf picture goes to Microsoft. I found the photo in their Clipart Gallery.)


Anonymous said...

File a "snow suit"!??!!?! Oh, TUBEY! Did you come up with that, or was it Fargo? That's really funny!
I just KNOW we're going to get some here! I don't know about your side of the park, but I know what will or won't happen here ... and sometimes I know if there's snow in Colorado or Nebraska. I hope we get a BUNCH then send it to you!

Dakota said...

Send that snow this way. Nothing but rain here...... and cold, wet leaves just doesn't feel the same.


D'Azul Siberian said...

We are really hoping for snow here too Tubey. Snow, snow, snow.

Khady Lynn said...

Omaha sucks. Western Nebraska is going to get snow, but it's going to miss us! Man, the weather guy needs a new job! I'd really like some snow by Thanksgiving since mom and dad will be home for 6 days. It would be really nice to have something fun to do, like go SLEDDING!

Oh well, around here, we don't hold our breath's.

Mom really misses Minnesota. I can't wait till we get to move there in a couple years!


H.A. Turbofire, Sibertarian said...

Everyone, sad news on the snow front here...NO SNOW!!! I'm gonna sue! I really am!

Ender said...

Well, I'm not a husky, but I guess I'm a northern breed still...I'll join you in your suit, it moght get a littles snug though...wait, wrong suit! My only hope for seeing snow is the hope that maybe we someday move to where there will be snow, or close enough to visit a place with snow...all winter!

Shmoo said...

Count me in on the snow suit. Those stupid weathermen/women don't know squat. I wish the human woman had a job like that. I think I'll have that document done today... oooh, I'm sorry, no I won't. She would be good at that.