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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

More Stuff


My Human got groomed last night. When she got home I smelled her head. I like smelling her head after she's been to the human groomer. They use all sorts of stuff that smells.

Some stupid humans think it's okay to shave their huskies down in the summer. I think we need to shave our humans down in the summer.

The stupid no internet thing at home should be resolved soon. Maybe I'll be up and running as soon as tonight. We'll see.

We were all sad to read of the loss of our dear friend Fu Fu.

What else? What else?

I don't know.

Woo at you later.


Peanut said...

Well I don't get groomed much at all but my mom does. She to smells good when she comes home.

Khady Lynn said...

Do you try to lick her hair? Is it tasty? If it smells good, it must taste bad, cuz only the really nasty smelling stuff tastes especially yummy!!


Deanna said...

My moms keep saying they should shave Dakota, because she gets so hot, but then they see how pretty she is...

Lorenza said...

Hi, Tubey. I hope you resolve your internet problem soon. I like too when my mom gest her hair done, smells so nice!
Have a nice day