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Friday, May 04, 2007

World of Stupid


Why, oh why does it have to get hot? Why can't we have snow all year long?

I've been thinking about the humans' stupid languages.

Someone who is hopeless is without hope. But someone who is reckless is not without reck, or even without wreck.

And then there's the definiate article: the. There's a store called THE Home Depot. It's not just Home Depot. I heard a commercial that was talking about how you could go online to get the address of "your local THE Home Depot store." Pup, that sounds stupid!


Marley said...

I agree, Tubey! Lots of human words are stupid. I like it when they keep words simple and direct, like "underpants". Though I'd like to just eliminate that word and just say "snacks" instead.


Khady Lynn said...

It is actually the most difficult language to learn because of all the pronunciations of words that SOUND the same, but mean something different. Then there are the words that are spelled the same but pronounced different. No wonder no one can figure out what the heck Americans are talking about!


Nessa Happens said...

You're right, it makes no sense. Arroooooo is much more logical.

Hobbeschops said...


firstly the many the thank you's for recommening the site, is most the super of you. I is confirm Englaise no easy and no logical, Italian is the easiest language to learn and is most the sensible. I is no even going to start on how things is spelt compared to how they is said in England ! These poeple language and speach is even more the crazy the US English


Ender said...

so then the word desk...one desk is desk, two or more desk is desks...so how do you know when to stop with the ending, desksksksksks? yes, stupid indeed!

Anonymous said...

I agree... why does it have to get hot?
Hugs, Sitka

Ivy said...

yes yes the english peepol speak is reelly strange and stupid. haf you noticed that if one person says that another person is husky they are sorta calling them fat? why is that? wut wud it mean if a person called another person keeshond?