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Thursday, July 19, 2007

Clean Up


I could help clean up this mess.


Anonymous said...

oh cheese.. yummy. I am glad the driver was able to get his dog out of the truck.

Khady Lynn said...

OOOOhhhhhh, that sounds like a doggies (or mouses) dream!!!

Thank goodness the dog was ok! Wonder if he got any of that melted, smoked cheese?


Kapp pack said...

Great the dog was safe. Let me at the cheese!!!!
-Kelsey Ann

Amici said...

Very happy that the dog was safe. That cheese sounds like it would be YUMMY in my TUMMY. :)

Ender said...

Well, if you ask me, Cheese Truck Fire Makes Freeway Fondue sounds like a tongue twister to me! Who doesn't like cheese!