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Thursday, August 09, 2007

Big Mouths Strike Again


It's hot and stupid outside. I'm not very motivated to post much, so below are a picture of Lex and one of Meepie.


Tierre Williams said...

It's hot in my area, also. Our local CBS station said yesterday was the hottest day in 30 years! It reached 104 today. It's the fourth hottest day on record.

Anonymous said...

Woo,... it was 104 yesterday. Tomorrow is supposed to be 105. Can we hurry up and get you voted as president so you can ban the hot weather?

The Army of Four said...

Hey Tubey: I'm all for you banning heat AND thunderstorms when you're elected!!!
Tail wags,

Khady Lynn said...

Heat sucks! I am melting...........


Joe Stains said...

holy cow I think they could swallow me whole!

Kapp pack said...

It is way too hot and humid....this weather bites!!

Kelsey Ann

Amici said...

You two are making me sleepy. :) I hope the weather gets cooler for you soon!

Buster the Wired Fox Terror said...

Hey Tubey! You gonna meet us in chat Sunday at 9 am EST? peemail me at wiredfoxterror@yahoo.com for the chat address

Bussie Kissies

Katherine and Pippa said...

Hi Turbo
Thanks for visiting the DWB News site and leaving such a positive comment. I've just written about Huskies on the Hike N Howl since then.
You have some great photos on your blog.
Pippa and Kate

Stanley said...


Good to meet you in chat today, man! You're not so far from me (what's a couple of hours? I live near Lawrence, KS).

I'm going to link to you so I can keep up with your scoop. Come visit me sometime.

I just looked at the post before this one, and I must say, you are gorgeous! My hooman girl thinks so too. Very unique coloring & oh so dignified!

Your goober bud,

Frankie Girl, Maddie and Domino said...

Hi Tubey!

Thanks for stopping by and Woooo Woooing me. What cute big mouths
pics of Lex and Meepie you have there. Did it get any coolor? Releif in sight? Hope so.
You like swimming pool pictures!?
Do you swim Tubey? You are so cute.

Frankie Girl

IndyPindy said...

Lex and Meepie look like they feel hot!

MaPaw said...

Your post makes me want to take a nap. I think I will go do that now.

Tierre Williams said...

Hellooooo? Anybody home?

Deanna said...

Wow! Giant Snow Nose!