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Saturday, June 12, 2010

The Big Woo Conference

Apparently, a lot of human, including my Human, are all worked up about the Big XII Conference disintegrating. Or something. My Human spent her late teen and early 20's locked up in an institution of high learning in Missouri called Mizzou. (Please note that the humans pronounce the word XII as 12.)

I don't know what’s going on anymore than any humans do. But from what I understand, some universities got mad at some other universities. They took all their toys home and tried to find new groups of playmates.


Anywoo, my Human's old school doesn't have anyone to play with.

So, I decided to form my own Conference. I'm calling it the Big Woo Conference. I am offering membership only to universities with dogs for mascots. I hope to get the Washington Huskies, Connecticut Huskies, Bloomsburg Turbo-Colored Huskies, Northeastern Huskies, Southern Illinois University Salukis, Georgia Bulldogs, etc.

I will be nice and let the Mizzou Tigers, Kansas Jayhawks, Kansas State Wildcats, Iowa State Cyclones, and any other team from the soon-to-be-former Big XII Conference join the Big Woo Conference. But only if they change their mascots to a dog breed. My new Conference has standards, you know.


Teddy Westlife said...

I am ready to support the Big Woo Conference, since I am an Honorary Husky!

Unknown said...

Oh fun! But UMBC has to be added to the list - they are the retrievers. Chessies to be specific!! :p

Donna said...

I can only add that it is too bad that schools only use dogs as mascots and let the humans play. I think the game would be more fun to watch if the dogs were playing. I know the Air Bud movies would have been lousy if Bud hadn't played.

The Army of Four said...

Oh, that's all the buzz here, for SURE! I think they're down to being the Little VI conference. Ha roo roo roo!
I think KSU should use us in the Ao4 as their mascots since we go to their vet school!
Play bows,

Anonymous said...

Washington Huskies Rule! HaRoo!!! And we still love Dubs even though he is a Mal... :)

WOOOOO woo rar rar rar,
Kayla and Maebe

Steve, Kat, & Wilbur said...

My mom is very worked up about it too and wants the Big 12 to stay together. We fully support the Big Woo Conference.


Marigold said...

Hey, what about Navy? They have a goat.

Khady Lynn said...

OMD!!! That has been driving my human crazy since they started talking about it! It was like Headline News here forever!!! Like there was NO OTHER news in the whole country!!

I hate the cornheads. They are stupid.

Khady Lynn

Jack & Moo said...

We're behind woo all the way - maybe dad can talk his alma mater, The Ohio State University, into changing their name. "Buckeyes" is stupid, who wants to play for a team of nuts? We'll suggest the Ohio State Siberians instead.

Go Big WOO Conference!

jack a-roo & miss moo