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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

News from Kansas


I received an e-mail from my pal Dave yesterday:

Dear Tubey,

I sent the attached picture to K and Kali in Mexico City. Their mom recognized what an astonishing find we made, and thought we should let someone important know. I immediately thought of you!

Yeah...... there we were, minding our own business (and DOING some business) out on a big walk yesterday, when what to my wondering eyes did appear???!!?? The world's largest spool of thread! Stormy found one, too! It was INCREDIBLE! We had to get mom to take our pictures - I even sent them to the quilt group! They thought it was cool and wondered how mom was going to thread it through her Bernina? (Wooing out loud!)

We left them there. Who knows? Maybe they belong to a GIANT who's gonna want them back!

Thought you'd want to know!