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Monday, July 23, 2007

Time Capsule


I've gotten behind on my tag responses. My good bud, Marley, tagged me a while ago to list items to go in my time capsule. Then the wonderful Holly tagged me to list favorite books. I'll to the book listing soon.

But today, here are my capsule items:

1. Husky fluff. I'm sure they'll need that in the future.

2. Cuzes. But only ones that some dog has removed the feet and/or squeekers from.

3. Holes. We make so many that we can spare some.

4. "Vote for Tubey" campaign button.

5. Lex.


Ender said...

So, I'm confused...you want to put Lex in the time capsule because you love him soooo much that you want him to be around later, or you want him in the capsule so he isn't there any more??

Joe Stains said...

these are all excellent answers, I wish I could put Tanner in a time capsule!

Anonymous said...

Oh, I am glad you remembered the husky fluff!

Khady Lynn said...

Good idea about the fluff. There are lots of dogs who need extra fur, and we have plenty to spare. I'm glad you want to share you Cuz's too, that's very thoughtful of you.

Poor Lex.


The Army of Four said...

But ....... who's going to have to get BRUSHED to get the fluff!?!?!? I'll be behind the chair in the living room if anypup needs me. Don't tell my mom where I am!

Tierre Williams said...

Lex? Can y'all just get along?!

H.A. Turbofire, Sibertarian said...

Ender, the second suggestion.

Joey, Lex and Tanner should run off on some doofus adventure.

Sitka & Holly, fluff is always important.

Amber, it was mostly Lex's fluff.

Tierre, no.