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Saturday, March 11, 2006

Siberian Husky Writers!

After Indy brought the matter to our attention, Raisa formed the Husky Bloggers Ring for those of us of the Siberian Husky persuasion to join. I encourage all Siberian Huskies to join this blog and everyone else to enjoy it. I have the link posted on the side of my blog.

And speaking of Siberian Husky writers, for the past few years we have been enjoying the Zuma's Paw Prints. Zuma is a graduate of the K-9 University of Alaska in Anchorage with a degree in canine journalism. She corresponds from the Iditarod each year educating children on the race. And, get this, the children SEND HER PIZZA!!! If you click on this link, you can see the keyboard that Zuma uses. Each year we send Zuma a fan letter, which she graciously responds to.

I will close with a photo of Fargo from a couple years ago. He was adding content to his Dogster page.

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