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Sunday, March 19, 2006

Shameful Husky Secrets

To the casual observer, these pictures appear to be cute huskies being lazy. But to me I see evidence of my shameful secret. Notice the undisturbed stuffed animals, books, and even a live gecko. Also notice that there are actually 2 different couches.

Hi, I'm Turbo the Sibe and I'm not destructive. There, I've said it! I have never enjoyed ripping stuffed animals to shreds. Or couches. Or pillows. Or comforters. Lex, Meepie, Fargo, and Aurora have all participated in chaos and destruction.

Let me address the couch first. If you look in the previous entry with Meepie's head sticking out in the couch you will see that that couch is different than the 2 in this entry. Yep, that couch fell victim to husky destruction via Lex, Meepie, and Fargo. The replacement couch is the one on the left in this entry. It is also departed due to the handy work of L, M, & F.

Fargo also likes to remove carpet and linoleum, but he's not done this for a few years.

Lex once removed a huge hunk of drywall.

Meepie has killed feather pillows, phone books, and many stuffed animals.

Aurora loves sinking her teeth into a nice fluffy comforter.

Niki hasn't shown any tendencies in this area yet.

But I ask "WHY AM I CRATED WHEN THE HUMAN LEAVES????" The photo below was a "set up." The Human placed this stuffie in front of me to get a cute picture of the puppy chewing on something. The only thing I enjoy destroying is toilet paper tubes, but Aurora tries to steal them so I can't even enjoy that!


Woofwoof said...

Ha! Thanks Turbo. It's huskies like you that give the species a good name. Everyone will look at you and say "What a cute and nice nice dog," and bring home huskies like the rest of us. Imagine the surprise. We should get a cut from the National Furniture Manufacturer Association.

H.A. Turbofire, Sibertarian said...

Thanks for the positive spin, WoofWoof!

IndyPindy said...

Don't feel bad Turbo, I have destroyed plenty of socks, underwear and shoes, but I have never destroyed furniture. I hang my head in shame.

I love love to tear up paper. Sometimes my humans leave paper laying around and I find it. The other week I found a Chinese food menu that fell off the coffee table. I discreetely pulled it under the table with me, but them mom saw me and took it. What a meanie!

H.A. Turbofire, Sibertarian said...

Aurora is so skilled at destruction that she will chew a hole in the middle of a sheet that the Human is sleeping under.

Anonymous said...

You could make a quizz on the 1st picture asking "How many huskies you find in the pic?" ;)

So far, I have destroyed a sofa, two armchairs, a chest of drawers, socks, buckets, shoes and I insist that the guy who delivers the newspaper wants to play fetch!

My breeder advised my family to just buy new furniture when I am 2 years-old, hehehe!

Ender said...

List of things I have disfigured or destroyed... 3 books, socks, blankets, pillows, lotion (in the bottle!) Kleenex, antennas to two cordless phones, out door lights, a plug to a pump for a pond, a CD, a pair of slip on shoes (well I made then a half size smaller!) many leashes….well, the list goes on, and on! But hey, if I have something it should be mine, right?!

H.A. Turbofire, Sibertarian said...

Raisa: My Human acquires free couches from people she knows who move. That's why she can add huskies to the pack without fear of furniture bills.

Ender: I bow to your skills!