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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Titles are Stupid!


Sometimes I have troubles thinking of a title and today is one of those days!

I wanted to post a brief video with a little glimpse of my Human in it:

Har har har!!! Who cares what humans look like, anyway?!

Another reason that humans are stupid is that they like fireworks! We're now in that stupid time of the year when humans like exploding things at night. Below is a picture my human took before she invited all of us to live with her:


Peanut said...

You were biting that thing's butt. hahahahaha

JS Fuller said...

Better he bite the Christmas Rhino's butt than mine!

Khady Lynn said...

So which is your human? The Rhino or the Bad Cuz? hahahaha

Some of us don't like fireworks either. Our mom hates that they start going off so soon. They're suppose to be illegal in Omaha, but people are always setting them off anyway, so what is the point?

Good thing mom has lots of Rescue Remedy and Melatonin around for us!


Annebelle said...

Fireworks, thunder, loud trucks...things that hurt my ears and make me hide under my girl's desk.

Love the video Turbo!

Sasha said...

Yes, I hate fireworks too. Stupid noise.

The Husky in the Window said...

I'm scard of fireworks too! My has to come sleep on the sofa in my room when that happens. I like your squeaky toy. what fun!

Amici said...

My dad won't let me go to the fireworks. Last year my Mom wanted me to go (we sit WAY back on the beach) but Dad put his foot down. Reading more about it, maybe Dad was right... it is a dangerous thing for humans to watch let alone lovable pups. So..I am not sure if I am scared of them or not.

What a fantastic pic of the fireworks. Mom would be so embarrassed to show you hers. Most of them from last year came out blurry. Do you have a special trick you'd care to share? :P

H.A. Turbofire, Sibertarian said...

Peanut, butt biting is fun!

Lex, shut up. You're stupid!

Holly, my Human (or is that my Rhino) likes melatonin for herself!

Annebelle, Sasha, and MayaMarie, I'm running for President of Dogcountry and when I'm President I'm banning all stupid noisy things!

Amici, my Human thanks you for your compliment. She said for you to tell your mom that she used a tripod with a cable release. She also said that she used a film camera with a slow film...whatever that means!

Anonymous said...

Tubey... attack of the SANTA RHINO!!! Great video. Nice to see that a stuffie is still alive in your house!!!

Tierre Williams said...

I know dogs don't like them (even mine), but I like fireworks! It's a great time, the 4th of July. Fantastic pic and video.

Ivy said...

fireworks dont scare me for sum reason... but hammers and saws and screwdrivers are the skariest things ever!