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Monday, June 04, 2007

Wolfing It Down


We each have our assigned areas and bowls to eat our supper. This is a picture of Roo Roo eating Fargo's dinner. Fargo had eaten of his dinner, but then he decided to follow my Human in (futile) hopes that she'd share her supper with him. Roo Roo had decided to abandon her food to eat Fargo's. I left my dinner area to try to get Roo Roo to let me eat Fargo's food. Roo Roo got all snarly wolf with me. This is a picture of Meepie blocking my path to Roo Roo.

Meepie is a control freak!


Khady Lynn said...

We usually get fed in shifts. Kona and Monty eat at about 7:30pm cuz dad feeds them. I usually just lay close and watch. Sam hovers by their bowls hoping for a bite should one of them walk away. Dad has to keep a close eye out cuz we all have seperate food.

Then after dad leaves for work at 9:30, Abby, Sam and I get our food and mom makes it.

Of course, we all get a little in the mornings when dad comes home from work, but then there's no meds in it so he can handle it all on his own.


Joe Stains said...

oh this sounds like teh feeding excitement at our place, we are always supervised and always trying to get each other's food

The Army of Four said...

I supervise everypup at supper-dupper time. It's one of my jobs. I especially have to yell at Dave a lot. It's the only time I do!
I like Meepie's collar! It's really pretty against his fur!

Macie-Malechai said...

We eat right next to each other. Sometimes Macie will leave her bowl to follow the lady & I quickly scarf down the rest of hers & then go back to my bowl, woowooooo, I am a smart boy!
Face Licks, M&M

Peanut said...

Flash sometimes tries to eat my food and I have to go all wolf on him (well as much as a boxer can).

H.A. Turbofire, Sibertarian said...

My Human is so stupid! She said she thinks it would look cute to see a boxer with a wolfie face!