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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

HBBB: This Is What It Is


Outside of our house we have a rusty reindeer candle holder. My Human hated the holiday cards that her job had a few years ago to send to their customers, so she took this photo, manipulated it with Photoshop and turned it into a holiday card.

Regarding the ice storm, we got maybe about 1/2 an inch of ice. We didn't have much damage at our house and we didn't have any problems with the electricity. A big, stupid limb fell out of a tree causing a gate to pop open into the big field we can run around in. So we did run around in it this morning. My Human secured the gate with speaker wire, the only thing she had on hand at the time.

My Human is a regional HR director for a company. One of her branches has been without power for 2 days. My Human will have to enter all of their payroll today so that their humans can be paid this Friday.

Here in Columbia, MO it has been raining. It's 34°F right now. About 60 miles to the south, it is 50°F. Missouri weather is stupid!


Khady Lynn said...

Thank you for explaing the picture Tubey. I just couldn't figure out what that was!

Sorry about your ice. We got sleet and snow. Mom went into work late to avoid the stupid drivers.

I wonder how the Ao4 is. They haven't posted yet, so I hope they have electricity!


NAK and The Residents of The Khottage Now With KhattleDog! said...

Moi Aussi!

Glad to see woo are okay -

I was wondering how Summit and The Iowa Khrew were doing too -

Ice is bad for bi-peds - most are bad drivers to begin with and when woo factor in the ice - no wonder my hu-mom likes to go to work early in bad weather -

Take Khare!



Shmoo said...

Yeah, it figures that its not bad enough there that your human woman doesn't have to work or go into work, but everyone else gets to sit at home in the lovely cold with no heat, the perfect husky atmosphere. Weather sucks... and of course there's NOTHING here in Merryland.