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Saturday, May 27, 2006

Husky Logo #10

Lookie, it's my friend Ender, the American Eskimo Dog. Yeah, I know that the University of Connecticut mascot is the Husky, but I think it looks more like Ender than like us.

Apparently the Univ of Connecticut originally chose "Aggies" as their mascot, but they wised up in 1933 and the students decided that they should worship Huskies. The name of their husky is Jonathan XII. (Maybe Mr XII has a blog...) The first Jonathan was brown and white "Eskimo husky", but since then they've all been white. (The photo on the bottom right is of the current Jonathan who is a white Siberian husky.)

The students of UConn rub the nose of the statue of Jonathan for good luck. Sadly, though it looks like at least 3 of the Jonathans (I, VI, IX/X) died from injuries sustained by being hit by cars.

In 1970, the Student Senate voted to sell the Jonathan of that era because he was part of the "establishment." They thought that this was a good way to protest the Vietnam War. Ultimately Jonathan was turned over to a service fraternity, AΦΩ, for safe keeping. This organization is still entrusted with Jonathan's care to this day.(Unrelated note, when my Human went to Mizzou, she was a member of AΦΩ.)


Ivy said...

hey! that does look just like Ender.

Freda said...

Hey Turbo,

I like your blog. Thanks for joinin' my Freda's (Deltabunny's) Buddy Map.

I have to bark that Jonathan XII kinda looks like Rin Tin Tin in a blizzard. Arf! Arf! My humans once had a Husky/Shepherd mix. Her name was Echo. They still miss her.

Ivy's right. That's Ender.



H.A. Turbofire, Sibertarian said...

Ivy & Freda: I think we need to petition to have their mascot changed. The UConn Enders!

Freda, I'll add a link to your site on my blog tonight.