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Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Some Others


(Note: I will answer Joe Stains questions tomorrow.)

I decided that I should share photos of some other dogs we know.

Here's Aussie and Hans. You can probably figure out which one is which one. They lived with my Human's landlady at the time. My Human lived there also, so she knew these dogs quite well. Aussie lived to 18 years. Hans, sadly died at 4 of a condition called perianal fistulas. Aussie was quite active until Hans died and she went downhill quickly. Aussie didn't really like to get her picture taken. I don't think I would have liked Hans very much. From what I understand, he was a lot like Lex!

Hey. Here's Izzy. She lived with a friend of my Human. I never met her, however. But Lex liked her. A lot!

This is Yo Mama Husky. She was once available for adoption with an organization my Human sort of volunteered for. She let Yo Mama come over for a visit one night. She got adopted shortly after that. I didn't know her either!

Zeus (or Zoop, as my Human called him) was a foster at our house (before me). He had an annoying loud voice. He was adopted by a deaf woman. It was a good match. Zeus's original home wouldn't let him come in the house and fed him canned corn. Zeus never went to the vet because his humans didn't want fur in their car. They were stupid.

Look! It's another white husky. Her name is Kyus. She was at the Humane Society, but a worker there quickly adopted her. I met her, but I yelled at her because she was stupid. She wanted attention from my Human!


Patty Nason said...

So many beautiful dogs in that post - woof! Is Turbo on Dogster?



Khady Lynn said...

What pretty doggies! I like Kyus's muddy nose!!!


Anonymous said...

Wow, these were some great photos. I agree with Holly, Kyus's muddy nose was great!

One Little Birdie said...

oooh, two pretty whites and a GSD! sigh....and gorgeous maked huskies too.