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Sunday, October 14, 2007

Husky Football League Update


It was a very bad weekend in the Husky Football League. All teams lost except for Bloomsburg University. And they didn't play!

Let's take a look at the mascots that beat huskies:
.....Sun Devils
.....Fightin' Blue Hens
.....Buster Bronco

I don't think any of these losses are excusable, but to a stupid BLUE HEN??!!

But please bear in mind that these aren't real huskies playing, but humans who are pretending to be huskies!


Mary-Margaret O'Brien said...

Howdja do that? It's sooooo kewl! You gonna be a Husky pretending to be a Husky for Hallowe'en? Awesome! Nodoggy will EVER guess it's you.

M hyphen M O apostrophe Brien


Deanna said...

They should have real husky mascots instead of pitiful substitutes like that! Texas A&M has a real dog mascot (a collie), so it can be done!

Ivy said...

how sad for the husky teams. i think it must be all this stupid hot weather that has them in a slump. just wait til it starts snowing and then we will see how cocky those little blue hens are after they finish eating the snow dust from the husky teams feets!

Khady Lynn said...

The reason they lose is because no human could ever come close to the greatness of a REAL Husky!


Kapp pack said...

I agree with Cubby, they definitely should have real huskies as mascots instead of those very odd looking upright walking things that slightly resemble us!

Woo woo, Kelsey Ann