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Friday, October 26, 2007

Still No Fun!


This morning I let my Human sleep in until the very generous hour of 4AM before I started practicing my Human Balance Beam routine. Look, as a candidate I am expected to be in top physical condition, not to mention that I'm training for the Furniture Olympics. So I thought that I was giving my Human a break by not walking on her until 4. But of course she had to get all stupid. She made me spend the rest of the night in my box at that point!

In other news, Roo Roo took the covers off of my Human this week during the night. We are all proud of her!

In other news part 2, pop in to Mary-Margaret O'Brien's blog. She lives in Southern California and she is reporting on the fire there. I think she should win the Puplitzer Prize for her reporting.


jaffeboy said...

hmmm, 4am?! I'll be lucky if mine can wake up at 6am each day!!!

Good luck with the beam walking trick!

Joe Stains said...

woah would my mom be mad if I woke her up at 4am, then again I'd be mad at her if she woke me up at 4am too.

Kapp pack said...

Good job keeping your human under your control. I think when you are elected president you should ban all crates, boxes, and such.

Woo woo, Kelsey Ann

Amici said...

Do you think you might let your humans sleep in to 5AM tonight? The human beam must be okay once in a while....but your humans are saints to deal with that graciously each and every night; even if you are WAY cute.