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Monday, July 17, 2006

Almost 100

Today it's supposed to be close to 100. That's really, really stupid. I agree with Meeshka, where's the snow?

My Human starts her vacation this upcoming Saturday. She doesn't plan on taking any trips or anything stupid like that. But she is going to take Roo Roo & me to see Dr. Debbie. Niki's going to get groomed. So's my Human for that matter. My Human is also going to go to a class to learn how to make sushi. She loves sushi, but she never shares, so hopeful she'll learn to do that.


IndyPindy said...


I've been mostly laying around doing nothing.

My parents watched a show on Animal Planet yesterday called "Eaten Alive" about people who got parasites. This one guy got tapeworm from eating fish that wasn't fully cooked on a camping trip. My mom said she wouldn't be able to eat sushi for a while!

Shmoo said...

I've been hogging the air vent (picture to be posted as soon as the lazy human woman stops scratching her mosquito bites), doing much of nothing. I just came in from outside, now I'm just laying around again. The humans didn't share their steaks with us tonight, so we have no hope for sushi.

H.A. Turbofire, Sibertarian said...


Indy, I've seen that show! It's magnificent.

Shmoo, we don't have any air vents. We used to where we used to live in town. But now were in the country. We have a/c, but no vents.

Ivy said...

i agree HOT WEATHER IS WAY STUPID! i had to eat my rawhide inside yesterday becuz it wuz just too hot to go out in my backyard to eat it.

the stupid skwerrls keep runnin around like crazy fools. maybe they dont know it is hot out there. i wish they wud just stay in the shade so i cud chase them ware it is cool.

H.A. Turbofire, Sibertarian said...

We are all suffering through this stupid heat wave.

I think the hot weather is the stupid skwerrls fault!