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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Stupid Human Law #2


In Hartford, CT the following was a law:

It is illegal to educate dogs.


NAK and The Residents of The Khottage Now With KhattleDog! said...

They are just afraid we'll get even smarter YET than they are!

I mean, they don't even know how to spell their state -

Khan't wait until it bekhomes Khonnekhtikhut!


Clover said...

Whaaaat?! I LOVE school! I am glad I don't live there...
Love Clover xo

The Daily Echo said...

That's because we arrive on this Earth pre-educated. Too bad we can't say the same for humans!

Sky said...

Hello Turbo. Your blog is cool. Unlike Hartford, which appears to be stupid.

Jan said...

I'd have to give back my degrees.

Misty the alpha Poodle

Khady Lynn said...

They are way to afraid that if they make us even more smart than we already are, that we will take over. Sadly for them, we will!!


Jack & Moo said...

Oh pfffft,
HORSEFEATHERS! What a stupid law. That Ivy League college of theirs is just jealous, & doesn't want to look bad when compared to Canine Colleges. Oh- pardon me, Khyra, make that "Khanine Kholleges".

Star & Jack A-roo, graduated SCL (Sibe C-woo Lau-roo)

Shmoo said...

We should start a movement to get equal education rights for all dogs in Hartford!